Monday, November 3, 2014

National Novel Writing Month is up and running!

Did you ever wish you could just sit down and write that book you've been keeping locked away in your head and heart for years? Not sure how to start or who to ask? Don't think you have enough time in the day to compose your masterpiece?

Then NANOWRIMO is for you. This is a free site that anyone can join. It's easy - you simply write as much as you can, every day for the entire month of November, and keep track of your word count as you go. You can make writing buddies who are either on the same journey as you or further along. Knowledge is shared, writers meet at local writing hot spots, and much support is given.

Come join me and thousands of other authors, new and established, as we write our butts off for the month! Good luck, and please share your thoughts on my blog. We can support each other every step of the way.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


HOW TO MARRY A ROGUE (release date 2014) received a 9.31 rating from the readers at ROM CON! I am so excited beyond belief. This means my book will be featured on their site as a highly rated book by readers just like you!

Wow - let me catch my breath!  I needed a little pick me up just like this to get me going on my new project - a new 3-book series about headstrong, intrepid heiresses looking for a little bit of wicked in their lives. Think they can find the right kind of hero to make their happy ever after come true? Wait and see!

I'm also gearing up for next year's Romance Writers of America conference in New York. It's got something for readers, too - about 500 well known (and some famous!) authors will be on hand to sign their books and it's free to the public for this signing part of the conference. So, if you're going to be in New York next July, let me know and we'll meet up for some great dishing and a cup of tea!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sneak Peek At My New Book Cover!

I'm excited to be part of The Wild Rose Press's new Lobster Cove series that released the first book last week! My fellow author, Carol Henry's new book, JUELLE'S LEGACY is out now. A new book will come out every few weeks in all of your favorite genres: suspense, contemporary, paranormal, erotica, YA, and my personal favorite, historical! Enjoy the cover!

Stay tuned for the final release date, character interviews, plot insight, and maybe a missing scene or two! This is a shorter novel at under 100 pages, so it is just right for a quick escape.

As always, I wish to thank my family, friends, and beloved readers around the world for supporting me in achieving the greatest dream in the world!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Would You Marry A Stranger?

Has anyone seen the new FYI Channel's new series, Married At First Sight? Three couples who have never met are matched up and legally married. At first, I thought it was a hokey concept designed for ratings (naturally!) but it is actually an addicting, enjoyable show. I couldn't understand what made it so appealing to me until I realized that 4 of my novels involve marriages of convenience. Granted, the show is about arranged marriage, but the idea that two people who wouldn't normally consider marrying the other is the story behind a marriage of convenience.

In TAME THE WILD WIND, Jed proposes to Cassie as a business deal: marrying him will let her stay at the ranch without her uncle's interference. Their attraction to each other grows daily, made stronger with the fact they are legally married and can give in to their desires, but Jed's past prevents him from fully committing to his new bride.

The central plot in my newest book, HOW TO MARRY A ROGUE, is another marriage of convenience story, but the plot twist has the heroine proposing to the hero. The obstacle to their happiness is Georgiana's desire to remain independent while Jack believes he can keep his bachelor's existence. Neither of them expect true love to thwart their plans.

Lastly, my "free read" at, SPECIAL DELIVERY: A BRIDE centers on an unsuspecting widower going to the prairie post office and picking up the bride his daughters arranged for him.

I'm currently writing another historical romance where the hero needs to marry a woman with a son because he is unable to father a child. Fortunately, the intelligent, beautiful bookworm down the road is in a family way!

What is your take on an arranged marriage? Would it work for certain people or is the whole idea out-of-date in a modern world? Leave a comment and receive a FREE e-book of How To Marry A Rogue!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I would like to share a wonderful review with you of HOW TO MARRY A ROGUE. I'm so proud of this story and am happy the reviewer, My Book Addiction and More, liked it as well! She gave it 4.5 stars (out of 5!).  Here's the gist of it....

This book is simply a delight to read. It’s comical, serious, and sensual all rolled into one. There is just so much depth in the plot, the characters, and the situations they find themselves in, that it will keep you entertained from start to finish. I really enjoyed the way that both characters learn to change and adapt in order to make their marriage work, and in the end, find the happiness they both have secretly longed for, despite harsh and tragic childhoods. I loved how sweet and loving Georgiana was, especially to Jack’s grandfather. I thought her interactions with him were very special and enjoyed that added relationship bond. Overall, this is a book that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves historical fiction set in the Regency Era!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Win a FREE Paperback of How to Marry A Rogue!

I'm back from a well-deserved and much appreciated cruise with the family, and am ready to jump back into the writing world again! My new book is being promoted on, so go over there if you haven't signed up already (it's free) and you may win a free, signed copy of my new book.

Here's the giveaway link:  Goodreads contest

I'm currently working on a brand new historical romance for my publisher, The Wild Rose Press. It's for their new, upcoming series called Lobster Cove! Be prepared for hot contemporaries, sweet inspirationals, scary paranormals and thrillers, as well as historicals by yours truly! My story is set during the original British invasion of America's shores during the War of 1812. With shorter novellas, you will be able to read a variety of books by my fellow "Roses" in a shorter time.

My story involves a young widow living in the past who finds a half-drowned man on the beach who may or may not be the enemy. Set against the backdrop of war and suffering, can Abigail and William find a future together?

Want a sneak peak? I thought you would....

“Can you hear me?” Abigail leaned close to the man, half alive, yet closer to death by the feel of his cold skin and weak pulse. “Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.”
The broad fingers remained lifeless in her palm. She gently chafed his hand between hers, careful of the skin, made delicate from exposure. She returned it beneath the quilt to rub his other hand. It was impossible he could have survived overnight on the beach. Being in the sea as long as he obviously had was bad enough, but the exposure he'd suffered during the night was nearly unbearable to think about. The idea he was a spy crossed her mind again, but she forced the thought away. Spy or not, enemy or not, she had a responsibility to help him. Was it not her beach the sea had thrown him upon?

His eyelids flickered. He had not spoken since collapsing on her floor. She squeezed a few drops of water from a rag onto his lips. They twitched, but he remained nearly lifeless, as before.

If only she could go to someone for help. Her sister-in-law was a respected healer, and Mrs. Cross knew some remedies, but she couldn’t risk exposing him. His plight was in her hands.

More to come later!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Got Fangs? My Interview With Paranormal Romance Author, Dylan Newton

I’m thrilled to have a fellow Wild Rose Press author with us today. Dylan Newton writes sexy paranormal romance with alpha heroines! Not only is Dylan the mother of two, she is also the new president of our RWA chapter, the Sunshine State Romance Authors. Her new release, Despite the Fangs, tells the story of a foul-mouthed, werewolf heroine with overactive follicles!  Be sure to read the excerpt below, and leave a comment to win a free e-book.

 Anna: Dylan, thank you so much for joining us. I’ve enjoyed the workshops you’ve given at writers’ groups and your ideas and suggestions have inspired me.  You haven’t been writing toward publication for very long, yet your success feels like it was overnight. With three books now in print, what do you consider the most important writing strategy that helps you?

Dylan: A kitchen timer! Seriously, I can only sit if I have a definitive length of time (mine is usually 45 minutes at a stretch), so I use a kitchen timer app on my phone and I literally do NOT move from my chair until that time is up. Oh, and make sure you close out of social media during that time, too!

Anna: Your books feature strong, sexy heroines who are equal to any hero you throw their way. From where do you draw your inspiration?

Dylan: I was raised largely by a single mother and taught from an early age that a woman does not need a man to survive. We can hold our own, thank you very much! But I think that’s why my heroines always strive for independence, even in a relationship. And Aribella Lupari, the werewolf heroine of my new book, DESPITE THE FANGS, is by far the strongest heroine I’ve written to date. And she’s my favorite! J 

Anna: What do you love about this book?

Dylan: Typically, when you read a paranormal romance, it involves an Alpha wolf that’s male. In DESPITE THE FANGS, my Alpha is female, and I love her bad *ss, take-no-prisoners attitude…and I love the man I wrote for her—one that is so confident of his masculinity that he can be with a female Alpha and not be threatened by her strength. I think Aribella and Mason are my hottest couple yet!

Anna: Do you identify with any of your characters? Which ones?

Dylan: As writers, I think we put a little of ourselves into ALL of our characters, and I find a little of me in each of my heroines. My first book is about a psychic, and while I’m no spirit medium, I often have the same gullibility (and clumsiness) of Nola from DESPITE THE GHOSTS. In my New Adult novella, ANY WITCH WAY, my heroine, Lily, struggles with what she should do in her life, and finds herself at an early-life crisis—very similar to one I went through in college! And sometimes my attitude (and my language!) can be markedly similar to my tough heroine, Aribella, in DESPITE THE FANGS!

Anna: I know you just returned from a fabulous trip to Ireland. Did you glean any new stories from your experiences there?

Dylan: I did! I am contracted to write a story for the 12 Days of Christmas for my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, and I chose to set the piece in Ireland. One of the pivotal scenes takes place on the beautiful Cliffs of Moher.

Anna: Wow! So that new book will keep you busy. Have you considered writing in other genres, or is paranormal your thing?

Dylan: I’d like to branch out to other genres…eventually! But for now, I love writing paranormals and those spooky themes are what comes to me when I sit down to write every day.

Anna: Thank you for sharing with us. Here’s a peek at Dylan’s new book!

Excerpt from Despite the Fangs:
 “Aren’t you curious to know what I’ve decided to do with you?”
Mason turned his bronze gaze on her, and Ari’s pulse doubled even as she scoffed.
“Let’s see…either more dart gun practice with me as your target, or you’ve got some misguided fantasy that if I bite you, you’ll become a werewolf like me—”
Ari stopped speaking, but it was too late. Now her plan to protect Mason from knowing too much was shot to hell. She might as well parade around shouting, ‘I’m here. I’m were’. Get used to it!’
Mason grinned. “Two options I hadn’t considered. I don’t need target practice. However, a little biting might be nice.”
His words rolled over her like a pheromone-scented wave. Ari opened her mouth to reply, yet produced only an airy squeak. Mason’s eyes were doing that intense, dark glittering thing again—the look that made it difficult to concentrate. Or breathe.
With a gasp and a shudder, Ari managed a shaky laugh.
“Watch out. I’m not up to date on my shots.”
Mason voice danced along her spine as he leaned in.
“I like to live dangerously.”

Anna: Great chemistry with those two! I can’t wait to read it. Thanks again, Dylan, for stopping by. As for you, dear readers, do yourselves a favor and stop by Dylan’s website, where you can join her Newton Nation for free giveaways, sneak peeks, and other goodies!

Comment below for a chance to win an e-book version of Dylan’s latest book, DESPITE THE FANGS!
The lovely Dylan:

Get your book now!
Visit The Wild Rose Press for Dylan's page with links to buy all her books. Or, you can stop by Amazon and get your copy today! 

About Dylan: 

Dylan Newton was born and raised in a small town in Upstate New York where the local library was her favorite hang-out. Despite earning a degree in English Literature, Dylan spent more than a decade sidetracked by an executive position in corporate America where she swears she contracted testosterone poisoning. After leaving, she dedicated herself to more estrogen-rich passions, like motherhood, writing romance novels and her never-ending quest for the perfect date night. 

Dylan married her high-school sweetheart and they are busy living out their own happily ever after in sunny Florida with their two incredible daughters and a snoring Shih Tzu.  

Visit Dylan at or on Facebook for her author's page.