Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm officially an author!

Today is the release date of my first published book. It's been almost 26 years since I first thought I would write a book. I didn't give much thought to research, plotting, character development, goals, conflicts, etc...all I knew was an English privateer was in love with a French governess on the eve of the French Revolution! So Captain Renne and Juliane were born. This book will probably never see the light of publication, and I read it now and then for a good laugh, but I'm also filled with amazement that I wrote a full length historical novel when I was only 16 years old. I had no deadlines, no outlines, no nothin'. I had a mother who read every page I wrote the day I wrote it, who typed it for me to submit to my first ever publisher (who promptly rejected me), and several friends in high school who took it in stride that their nerdy friend was writing exciting, romantic books they all enjoyed.

Here is the first official review of TAME THE WILD WIND. It says exactly what I wish I could say to potential readers. Thank you to all of those in my past, present, and future who have supported me, endured longwinded plot descriptions, indulged my quest for the largest costume book collection, and otherwise held my hand.

This review is from Even though the blog title is about erotic romance, TTWW is not!

Tame the Wild Wind is a fresh take on a classic Western romance, complete with a Madam with a heart of gold, soiled doves, a marriage of convenience, and a rugged hero hiding from his past. The main characters are appealing, and the town of Silver Spring is populated by a cast of lively and engaging secondary characters. The reader can’t help rooting for Cassie and Jed to overcome the obstacles in their path to find the true love they both desire.
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Thank you for reading!

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