Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cool Book Trailer for Delilah Marvelle's New Book!

I tried to make a book trailer, which is really like a mini-movie/Powerpoint presentation, but it has me stumped! So I was amazed and inspired by a fellow author's fabulous book trailer for her upcoming January release, Forever A Lord. You can check it out here:

Forever A Lord Book Trailer

Do readers want book trailers? How do you decide to buy a book? Do you choose by author, cover, or subject matter? All or some of the above? I guess I choose by author, generally, and then by the subject. For instance, I love "marriage of convenience" stories and stories with a vengeance theme. So I will choose those regardless of the author or cover. Let me know what you think!

Warm thoughts and prayers to those affected by the recent Hurricane Sandy. I hope my northern friends are all safe or else recovering!

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  1. Hi Anna!
    Thank you SO much for posting my book trailer! You rock! I will say, I personally enjoy watching book trailers (especially if it's a book I'm dying to read). There's just something a little extra, extra about seeing it come alive. Does a book trailer make me want to a buy a book? It depends on whether it interests me enough to run to their website and see more. And from there I decide :)