Saturday, July 26, 2014

Would You Marry A Stranger?

Has anyone seen the new FYI Channel's new series, Married At First Sight? Three couples who have never met are matched up and legally married. At first, I thought it was a hokey concept designed for ratings (naturally!) but it is actually an addicting, enjoyable show. I couldn't understand what made it so appealing to me until I realized that 4 of my novels involve marriages of convenience. Granted, the show is about arranged marriage, but the idea that two people who wouldn't normally consider marrying the other is the story behind a marriage of convenience.

In TAME THE WILD WIND, Jed proposes to Cassie as a business deal: marrying him will let her stay at the ranch without her uncle's interference. Their attraction to each other grows daily, made stronger with the fact they are legally married and can give in to their desires, but Jed's past prevents him from fully committing to his new bride.

The central plot in my newest book, HOW TO MARRY A ROGUE, is another marriage of convenience story, but the plot twist has the heroine proposing to the hero. The obstacle to their happiness is Georgiana's desire to remain independent while Jack believes he can keep his bachelor's existence. Neither of them expect true love to thwart their plans.

Lastly, my "free read" at, SPECIAL DELIVERY: A BRIDE centers on an unsuspecting widower going to the prairie post office and picking up the bride his daughters arranged for him.

I'm currently writing another historical romance where the hero needs to marry a woman with a son because he is unable to father a child. Fortunately, the intelligent, beautiful bookworm down the road is in a family way!

What is your take on an arranged marriage? Would it work for certain people or is the whole idea out-of-date in a modern world? Leave a comment and receive a FREE e-book of How To Marry A Rogue!

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