Friday, November 22, 2013

Welcome to the Blog Hop!

I was "tagged" on author Ronnie Allen's blog hop and will carry on hoppin'! The fun of this is to spread the word about new authors that readers may not yet know. So, for all of you who are finding me through this hop, here is some info about me!

1. What I'm working on now:
I'm finishing the first round of edits from my wonderful editor, Allison, at The Wild Rose Press on my latest historical romance, HOW TO MARRY A ROGUE. It's time-consuming, hair-pulling-out work, and my least favorite part of writing. Why? Because I second-guess every other sentence and end up rewriting more than I'm revising! One fun part of revisions, however, is discovering better ways of saying something once an editor has gone through and made corrections and suggestions.

2. How is my book different from others in the genre?
My books are high in tension and emotional drama. I love to cry during a great movie or while reading a wonderful book, and when readers tell me they cried during a particular scene of my book, it makes me very happy.

3. Why do I write?
My original purpose for writing a novel (officially 30 years ago!) was to write the kind of story I enjoyed reading. Books I read didn't have enough romance or emotion, or maybe the hero wasn't just right enough or the heroine was lacking something. To fill the gap, I literally started writing my own books. I used to read my manuscripts for my own entertainment before I considered submitting to a publisher. Once I discovered I have actual readers out there who also enjoy my books, I found a new audience to write for. YOU!

4.  How does my process work?
I take an idea from a picture, a plot point of a movie or book, or whatever and start imagining the characters. I usually see the conflict first - whether it's an "argument" scene or some other dramatic turning point. From there, I add in subplots and character details. I start writing at once, and it's usually the love scenes I write first! Then I do the beginning, most of the crucial scenes, and then the end. I go back and fill in the rest of the book. So I guess I do an "outline in progress." I generally know the ending of the story and how my characters will change. It's how to get them to that point that's the challenge.

Thanks for stopping by! I love to hear from readers and blog-hoppers, so please ask any questions or make a comment.

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  1. Great blog Anna! Informative! Writing the romance scenes first. I should try that! Best, Ronnie