Monday, March 24, 2014

Read a New Excerpt at Romancing the Book and Win!!!!

I'm a guest over at Romancing the Book, where I'll be giving away 3 FREE ebooks of my newest contemporary romance, BACK IN HIS ARMS AGAIN. All you have to do is stop in and leave a comment to win.

Go to: Win Me A Free Ebook!

I also have a new excerpt listed on that contest, as well as the first chapter listed on Book Daily, where you can read the first chapter and get to know a book and author before buying. Check it out at Read The First Chapter!

Are there any themes for a romance novel that you wish an author would write? Cinderella with a vengeful streak? Little Mermaid who turns the human into a merman? I have been working on a time travel story where the Jersey girl heroine goes back to medieval times and turns the place upside down with her sass. What do you think?

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