Sunday, April 13, 2014

Interview With Miss Georgiana Lockewood

I am pleased to share my interview with the lovely Miss Georgiana Lockewood. All of you will get to meet her personally on May 4, when her story is featured in HOW TO MARRY A ROGUE. I tracked her down while she was dressing for a ball tonight in town - that's London to the rest of us! Her dressing room is filled with trunks and boxes, and it looks like she's getting ready for a long journey.
Her maid brings us both a cup of tea sweetened with honey. I fan myself with a lace fan she has graciously given me - I keep forgetting there's no such thing as air conditioning in the middle of the Regency!
Anna: Thank you for meeting with me today, Miss Lockewood.
Miss Lockewood: Oh, please, call me Georgiana!
Anna: All right - Georgiana. Are you going away on a trip somewhere? I can't help but notice all these trunks and cases.
Georgiana: Why, yes. I'm going abroad to France with my sweet old aunt and a male escort. He's my brother's friend, Jack Waverley. Perhaps you know him?
Anna: I have not had the pleasure yet, but will be interviewing him next week. How fortunate your brother found a brave and strong escort for your aunt and you. Two helpless females, traveling across the Channel...
Georgiana: (cutting me off) You sound just like my brother, Jonathan! Honestly, I am grown up enough to travel wherever I wish. And Jack is a well known boxer. I shall be very much protected.
Anna: That's good news! The last time you were on your own, I recall you were heading north.
Georgiana: (sets down her cup with a clattering of china) Are you referring to my so-called elopement to Gretna Green with Mr. Mitford?
Anna: I did not mean to imply....
Georgiana: (laughs nervously) Oh, nothing happened. It was just a childish whim. There is a good thing that came of it, however. I shall never give my heart away so easily again.
Anna: I'm relieved to hear that. But isn't Mr. Waverley a handsome sort of scoundrel with a reputation?
Georgiana: Not to worry! We are old friends. He was always my protector. I'm sure nothing will happen to me in France as long as he is there.
Anna: I am sure you are right. (I get up to leave, and her servant brings me my bonnet) Thank you very much for seeing me. I hope you have a fine time abroad.
Georgiana: I'm sure I will!

Well, dear reader, the rest, as they say, is history! Next week, I'll be interviewing the hero of this story, Mr. Jack Waverley - boxer, fighter, lover, gambler - heavens, the list does go on! I hope Georgiana is right about his protecting her. I would hate for anything to happen to that sweet girl.

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  1. Miss Georgiana is in for a hectic and wild ride. She thinks she knows everything. I can tell just by listening to her. However, she does seem to have a good head on her shoulders, we'll see. She's going to have to use all her wits to try and get Jack to take her and her aunt all over France. She's thinking he's just the boy who used to visit but she'll be surprised that he's grown up and doesn't have time for a little chit like her!