Wednesday, May 7, 2014

HOW TO MARRY A ROGUE has arrived!

Take out your dancing cards, brush off your silken slippers and call for your barouche - my new Regency-set historical romance is here!

Amazon has it now available in paperback and e-book and it's still on pre-order with Wild Rose Press until Friday, when it will be for sale. It's going for a special price of $2.99 for a month.

As a special celebration, I will send an AUTOGRAPHED PAPERBACK of the book to a random commenter - USA and Canada only, please. So, if you've always wanted to leave a response, but were too shy, now's your chance.

Here's one of my favorite excerpts from the book, with a little hook at the end to further entice you! The scene is at Jack's French chateau, where he has brought Georgiana after a mishap at the ball earlier that evening. She sneaked into his room like she used to when she was little, and cried on him while he was asleep. Her sniffling awakens him, and then....

 “To what do I owe the pleasure of your company this evening?” He patted his shirt. “And why is my shirt wet?”

“I couldn’t sleep. This house is so big and empty.” She never realized before what true quiet was, having lived at Fairwood Hall with more than fifty servants always present.
“It does feel like one rattles around the walls a bit.” He rose from the bed and replaced the bottle on the table. “But you cannot sleep in here, much as I don’t mind the company.” He winked. “It will be just my luck you’ll inform your brother I compromised you, and he’ll lure me into the marriage trap. Perhaps that was his idea all along, and you’re part of his conniving, scheming mind.”
His teasing tone stirred something in her. She drew the quilt up to her neck and backed further against the headboard. “Oh, please, let me stay. I’ll sleep on the settee, or the floor. I don’t want to be alone.” She purposely swiped a stray tear from her cheek and sniffled loudly.
He heaved a sigh. “If you were not so tall, I would throw you over my shoulder and carry you back to your own chamber.” He indicated the settee. “Throw me a pillow, will you? I suppose I’ve had worse beds than this.”
 “It’s only for one night.” She tossed him a pillow. He blew out the candle.
“It had better be. I did not sign up for this journey as a nursemaid, much as I would love taking you across my knee and giving you a well-deserved spanking for all the trouble you cost me this evening.”
“Nursemaid Jack,” she sang softly. He snorted, and she laughed quietly. “Was she very beautiful?” She’d spoken before she’d given it a thought. His personal life was none of her business.
“The paramour you had to leave tonight on my account.”
He snorted. “There is no paramour.” He punched his pillow in the darkness.
“You came to the ball alone?”
“Yes. I often attend balls unaccompanied. One has a damnably difficult time meeting strange ladies if one is attached to another. Why the interest in my activities, she who ventures to balls in a foreign country with no chaperone?”
“I assumed there must be some reason to have kept you from visiting Aunt Adele and me.” She bit her lip, scolding herself for sounding petulant.
“I apologize for not coming to see you. My grandfather will accept nothing but absolute perfection. And if there was a paramour, Miss Lockewood, this is less than suitable talk from one as young and innocent as you.”
“When I am one and eighty, will you still consider me a little girl, I wonder?”
“You will always be my friend’s little sister, dear Pudding Face.”
His voice held a barely perceptible warning. She lay back on the pillows and snuggled beneath the quilt. “I should tell Jonathan you compromised me. That will be fine revenge for all the times you called me Pudding Face. He would be forced to call you out, and you will feel so guilty you’ll allow him to kill you.”
He harrumphed loudly. “I can imagine that duel. He would talk me to death before I could get in the first blow.”
“If you promise to take me somewhere tomorrow, I promise not to mention what happened tonight to my brother.”
“That’s called blackmail.”
She echoed his snort. “Call it what you will. I want to enjoy myself while I’m away from home. It’s my last chance.”
“You’ve seen what trouble you’ve found in having so much fun, haven’t you?”
“I will not be in trouble as long as you’re with me.”

  Ready to find out what happens? Then buy the book! Or, leave a comment to win your own autographed copy. I will send a free e-book to the second random commenter.

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