Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Upcoming Book Signing at the Civil War!

Well, a reenactment of it, anyway! My dear friend, Rob Baker, of the 8th Florida Regiment, Hardy's Brigade, has connected me with the Florida Reenactors for their annual Brooksville Raid, taking place the 3rd weekend in January, 2011! How exciting! I will be in period costume (have to bring my smelling salts and fan for all the bloodshed and cannon noise) and the kids and Mom are coming in costume, too! I'm friends with the Rebels, in this case, even though poor Jed was a Yankee officer!  If you've never been to a reenactment, check your local historical society or just google. The guys I know go all over the place - even as far north as Andersonville, GA, site of the notorious prisoner of war camp.

History is everywhere! Immerse yourself!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Visited Hawaii! (Through my book, anyway!)

My friend at work, Angela, was gracious enough to send me this picture of herself deeply immersed in TAME THE WILD WIND, on beautiful Bellows Beach on Oahu! Thanks a lot, Angela!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I'm Currently Working On (when the kids leave me alone!)

I've got 3 or 4 books in my head and on the page at the moment: an attempt at "romantica" (don't laugh, please) which involves a 3,000 year old phantom haunting an intrepid ghost-chaser/archeologist, a werewolf-bounty hunter story set in the old American West (attempting dark and twisty, according to what the editors at this year's RWA want to see), and my only contemporary (and will probably remain so!), TAKING A CHANCE ON FOREVER, which I'm struggling with.

A lot of writers prefer to finish one book before moving on to the next, but I hate being stuck in one "world" when there are others clamoring to be written! Of course, this gives me plenty of WIPs instead of finished novels, but, hey - I've completed 8 books thus far.

I'll post an excerpt of HUNTED (the werewolf bounty hunter story) soon - the hero is a tasty bounty hunter chasing a gang of shapeshifting stagecoach robbers! Lots of secrets and darkness in this one.

Hope you like the new layout! Let me know what you think.