Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TAKING A CHANCE ON FOREVER has found a home!

I'm so excited to announce that TACOF, my only contemporary, has found a publishing home. Once I sign the contract I'll announce the particulars, but the release date looks like March 2011! Wow, only 5 months to go!
Authors are often asked where they get their inspiration for a particular story, so here goes with this one. A college friend, Keith Dixon, wrote to me on FB and we exchanged photos and info about our families, etc. He mentioned that his 13 yr old son, Cooper, was thinking about attending our Alma Mater, Monmouth University, and I said my daughter, Megan, had also said that. His response was, "Hey! Wouldn't that be cool if they met in college and got married?" And so the germ of an idea implanted itself into my little brain. I started plotting a story of former lovers whose children meet in college (yikes! note to Keith's wife - we were only friends!!) and then the story became more about the former lovers. That's where the real story lay. In three months, I had the first draft completed. I only shopped it around to publishers for about 2 months before getting a positive response. This is the fastest I've been able to work in a long time.

Blurbs and excerpts will follow soon, on my website -

That's all, folks!

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