Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting Back Into Writing

Okay, I've had some time off! I was busy with the conference, promoting, and just plain lazing around with visitors. Our family had a wonderful time in Cozumel on Carnival Cruise line - our first cruise! The kids had fun, and it was amazing to sit on the deck in the early morning with my dh and have breakfast while the sun was coming up. Yes, he's an early riser!

But now, the guests (aunt and uncle) are back home, vacay time is over, and I have a pile of "to write" stuff that I must return to. I have the first book of two different series nearly finished, and am making it my goal to get those done before the month is up. Sound crazy/impossible/wacked? Not really. I'm just focusing and making it my top priority.

So, what do you do when you're mind is still on vacation? I'd love to hear your suggestions!


  1. It usually takes me a couple days to wind down from vacation, myself. Veggie helps, sleep, even just looking at my last written pages helps to get back in the groove. I hope some of those suggestions help. Glad to hear you had a great time on your trip!

  2. My mind never let's me rest, it's always telling me to work, work and work some more...I'm so use to it I think this is normal...though I'm told it's not. LOL

    Hey, LOVE the new blog site! Oh La La, me's beautiful!

    Love and hugs