Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm #4 on Kindle's FREE e-books!

Thank you to all the readers and lovers of historical romance out there who have put IN THE ARMS OF AN EARL in the 4th position for free Kindle books! You've left some beautiful reviews that have truly touched me and reaffirmed my dedication to my art.

Notice that I say "art." Writing romance is not a hobby to me and not yet a full time career (are you listening, Fate?). Rather, it is the part of me that best expresses who I am.

One kind reader said that my characters from ITAOAE reminded her of those from Pride and Prejudice. The reason for it is this book was originally going to be the first of a "P&P Sisters" trilogy I hoped to write. The original title was MISS BENNET IN LOVE, featuring Mary's story. However, when I shopped it around to various publishers, none of them wanted to touch Mary, since the few previously published books about this character have not been successful. My choice was to either indie-publish (read, self publish!) or change the story to a stand-alone with nothing to do with P&P. Changing Mary Bennet into Jane Brooke wasn't very hard, since Mary is really a marginal character, but I had fallen in love with my version of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet that I had to keep them the way I'd written them! So, if my Mrs. Brooke sounds like Mrs. Bennet, that's why, although I've redeemed her a little at the end, and Mr. B. is not half as cynical as he is in P&P.

I have a deleted chapter I will make available to my readers, which is a love scene originally at the end of the book. I took it out when I submitted the book to my publisher, since I thought I had too many love scenes already! Look for the chapter on this page - I will alert you to where it is, since it is not PG-13!

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  1. So enjoyed your book... In the arms... It was sweet and just the right amount of angst.... I do beg to differ that another love scene would have been welcomed.