Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to Interview A Rogue - Jack Waverley Is Here!

If you recall, I interviewed Miss Georgiana Lockewood last week as she was preparing for her journey abroad to France. I caught up with Jack Waverley at his boxing club as he was preparing for a match.
Anna: I hope I am not disturbing you, sir.
Jack: Not at all! I'm used to having besotted females following me around all hours of the day or night.
Anna: (trying not to blush) I am here on strictly literary terms, Mr. Waverley.
Jack: (grins in a most roguish sort of way) Of course, you are. How may I help you? As you can see, I'm quite busy. I have a fight with an old opponent of mine. Perhaps you'd care to watch?
Anna: (shuddering) I regret I must decline. I wanted to ask about your upcoming trip to France. You are escorting Miss Lockewood, are you not?
Jack: Ah, you've met with Miss Pudding Face, have you?
Anna: I beg your pardon?
Jack: That's what I used to call her when she was little. She followed me around all the time. It would have been annoying, except she's so damnably adorable. How is the child?
Anna: Um, she's not a child anymore. She's all grown up and very beautiful. I fear you will have your hands full once you're in France.
Jack: (takes off his shirt to reveal a broad chest with too many muscles to count) I can handle her - an innocent maiden who wants a bit of fun! We'll have a jolly time. I'll take her to some balls and garden parties. That will make my nights free to do as I wish.
Anna: About that...
Jack: Yes?
Anna: You know that Miss Pudding....I mean, Miss Lockewood is a spirited girl. You will have to keep your eye on her, especially in the evenings. She may get herself into trouble.
Jack: I'll be there to catch her, should she fall. I always was, you know.
Anna: So I've heard.
Jack: You doubt me?
Anna: (averting my eyes because he is standing so close) I would not doubt you, Mr. Waverley. I think you are a man of your word.
Jack: (Plays with a lock of my hair) Why not come with me?
Anna: (rising to leave) Sir, I am a married woman!
Jack: (heads for the door and I hear the roar of the waiting crowd beyond) Well, if you change your mind...
Anna: (catching my breath and fanning my hot face) You'll be the first to know!
But he has already left the room. What an impossible man! I pity poor Miss Lockewood. She will have a terrible time controlling the man who is supposed to protect her. Perhaps she will be a good influence on him, and make him want to settle down.
Stranger things have happened.


  1. pretty nice blog, following :)

  2. I can hardly wait to read the book. That Jack Waverly is something else. Georgiana better watch out, he's probably up to no good! You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!

  3. Thank you, kind readers! And welcome to my world of passionate romance, Skyline Spirit!