Monday, August 11, 2014

Sneak Peek At My New Book Cover!

I'm excited to be part of The Wild Rose Press's new Lobster Cove series that released the first book last week! My fellow author, Carol Henry's new book, JUELLE'S LEGACY is out now. A new book will come out every few weeks in all of your favorite genres: suspense, contemporary, paranormal, erotica, YA, and my personal favorite, historical! Enjoy the cover!

Stay tuned for the final release date, character interviews, plot insight, and maybe a missing scene or two! This is a shorter novel at under 100 pages, so it is just right for a quick escape.

As always, I wish to thank my family, friends, and beloved readers around the world for supporting me in achieving the greatest dream in the world!


  1. Beautiful cover Anna! TWRP is doing a bang-up job on the art work for Lobster Cove. I can hardly wait to see mine!

  2. I agree, Jana! Their covers are always gorgeous. Lobster Cove is going to be a great new series for all our readers! I'm looking forward to seeing all the covers, too!