Friday, October 19, 2012

My Friend's New Book and Giveaway!

With Halloween around the corner, why not read a paranormal book? My dear friend, Juli, author of the new The Artist's Inheritance, is a guest over at Child of Yden and is giving away some swag to a lucky commenter! Check it out!

Juli's spooky giveaways

I love autumn. Of course, here in Florida, it's sometimes hard to tell what season it is! All the trees and grass are still green, and were it not for one single climbing plant in my backyard that turns red this time of year, I would have no clue if it were June or October!

Do you have any favorite autumn traditions? Is it crisp and cool where you live, or warm and sunny like it is here? I'd love for you to share. Happy Halloween, and happy reading!

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