Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tarnished Gaslamps talking about my book...

If you'd like to check out a free, long excerpt from my novella, Mistletoe and Montana, come over to the Tarnished Gaslamps blog! The blogger over there features a new book every week.

Mistletoe and Montana at Tarnished Gaslamps blog

A reader asked me if I've ever been to Montana, and the answer is, sadly, not yet! But the wonderful thing about imagination is you can take yourself anywhere you want. I generally have a feeling about a place from looking at pictures or reading articles. In researching Montana, I relied on visitor's guides and websites, and movies that had been filmed there. I've been to Yosemite National Park in the snow and have a sense of icy pine trees and crisply cold flowing rivers and the feeling of sinking knee deep until your jeans are soaked through!
I've never been on a snow mobile like my characters, however, but have ridden behind my husband when he had a motorcycle, and figured it can't be much different hanging onto a waist in front of you and feeling icy air blast your face!
If only we could travel to everyplace we wanted. What incredible research that would be! I have a work in progress set in Norway and have been planning a dream trip to Scandinavia. I'm hoping for our 20th anniversary, which will be close to my 50th birthday! Wow - writing that makes it almost surreal.I wrote my first book more than 3 decades ago. I hope to keep writing until the very end.

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